RR&P, LLC Home of The Freus Air Conditioner


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Why buy Freus? It's the coldest, quietest, most compact and longest lasting air conditioning on the market. It doesn't just save you money when you purchase it, it saves you money every day you run it. Over the life of the unit, you'll save more money on electricity than you paid for the unit and you'll stay colder while doing it. The ease of maintenance, the manufacturer's warranty and ingenuous construction only serve to further guarantee your smartness in this purchase.

Our Company

RR&P, LLC is the home of the Freus Air Conditioner

RR&P gained the Freus name and its assets in the summer of 2010 and we're getting the news out there WE HAVE UNITS AND PARTS!!! You can call us for parts and soon you will be able to order online!