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A/C Units

Install one of the best air-conditioning units on the market. When you come to Freus, receive quality air-conditioning and condensing units that have many capabilities.

Replacement Parts

Ensure that your A/C unit continues to work correctly with our replacement parts. Our Anthony, New Mexico, location have multiple reliable parts available that will fit your unit.

Our Story

Cool down your home in the summer with our air-conditioning units. At Freus in Anthony, New Mexico, our air-conditioner manufacturers produce one of the leading air-conditioning condensers in the industry. The units are durable and efficient. In fact, our units can last 30 years with its fiberglass body.

Our company enjoys bringing fantastic products to our customers, as well as much needed industry assistance. For example, we are being utilized to lower peaker plant loads in the markets where blackouts have occurred.

Contact us for more information about our air-conditioning units that not only keep you cool, but also don't waste water.